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Transcendence 2014 torrent
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Language: English
Runtime: 119 min
Audio: 2.1 Stereo
Subtitles: German
Frame Rate: 25 fps
Video Bitrate: 5228 Kb/sec
Audio Bitrate: 256 kbps

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Year: 2014
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Starring: Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall, Morgan Freeman

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Review: A first-year high school student with a major interest in computer science and technology was asked by his English teacher, (along with all his other classmates), to write a short story of their own choosing, as an introductory stage in order to be assessed on their general language skills for the class.The pupil in question accidentally watched The Lawnmower Man for the first time only days before, and thought it was so great and practically unheard of within his generation, he decided to base his original assignment story upon this film, which of course had very little relevance itself to the original Stephen King brief work of literature.Once the project was submitted for evaluation, the teacher, who stubbornly owned a Nokia 3310, a 14 portable TV, and grew up in a generation of scraped knees and weekend World War II re-enactments, thought to himself that it was a reasonably clever concept, but only gave the student a C+, in order to discourage him that the story was of any greatness. However, the teacher had other devious plans, and decided to just correct any minor spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, then submit the story to Hollywood in the hope of making a fast buck.The story was eventually accepted, the teacher was given a princely sum of coinage, bought himself a Nokia 5510 and 21 Pensonic, and during the four years in which this full process took to make it onto the big screen, the student had since forgotten all about his crap re-telling of a crap re-telling, and was now happily playing bass in a garage band, and pursuing girls who looked old enough to buy him alcohol. He had also recently watched The Lawnmower Man again and wondered to himself what the hell he was thinking when he thought it was any good in the first place, and then lit another herbal doob.This, in my opinion, is how this film came to see the light of day. Its honestly the worst thing Ive subjected myself to since After Earth. The story, script, dialogue, delivery, and acting are all completely abysmal. Not one single character was likable or even rational, just like kids are when going through puberty. I dont care whos in it, its absolute shite to the power of twelvty. Even the special effects werent up to much, and it looked like the majority could have been done using Adobe After Effects CS4 plug-ins.Now all I have to worry about now, is for someone stealing my review story of how this film came about, and then making that into yet another sketchy movie for the masses. Seriously though, I weep for the future if this is the kinda crud we have to look forward to in later years. I need to go and watch Maximum Overdrive now for a gradual and regressive mental flushing. Like many films of this era, it tries to be clever, but fails miserably. In a word, Atrocious.

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