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Atlas Shrugged Who Is John Galt 2014 torrent
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Language: English
Runtime: 100 min
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Subtitles: German
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Year: 2014
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Starring: Kristoffer Polaha, Laura Regan, Rob Morrow

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Review: Just got back from the 7pm showing. More than 30 people in the theater. Had three theaters showing it in the Twin Cities Minneapolis/St Paul Minnesota.I have to say this third and final installment was the best of the three in terms of capturing the philosophical essence of the novel. They used narration to good effect, and used the device I think is the most effective … having philosophical discussions amongst themselves rather than some contrived debate or speech. Though John Galts radio speech came off well condensed, capturing the spirit of the three hour version.My only nit in casting was that I thought Joaquim de Almeida was quite a bit too old for the part. He looked more like Dagnys grandfather than her childhood boyfriend. My favorite DAnconia was Jsu Garcia of part I. He had the young playboy look.

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