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Language: English
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Year: 2013
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Starring: Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Robert Sheehan

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Review: I just got done watching a midnight showing of City of Bones. First off I will say that I am a fan of the series and I will try to make this review as middle ground as possible.I have spent the last few days reading over threads on the discussion board and once the critics reviews came out I read most of those too. Yes I know a lot were negative and abrasive, and sometimes even childish in their mockery of the young adult genre. I went into this movie as open-minded as possible knowing that there were some changes made to the film.Firstly, several reviews, both good and bad, had issues with the pacing. The time line is very condensed at the start of the film so things do seem to be happening in a whirlwind. This is because they condensed a few of the events from the novel into a shorter time span to enable the movie not to drawl on and be way too long. I didnt mind how they chose to change things up a bit and thought they tied things together fairly well. I just could see it being a bit hard to follow for the non fans that dont know what was cut out.I was worried about the romance being played up too much since some reviews were so caught up in the triangle. It was a small part of the bigger story much like in the book. Parts of it did come off a bit cheesy, but overall it did not overpower the movie like I thought it was.I really enjoyed the action sequences. They werent too short or too long and I felt they were well coordinated. Theres definitely enough action for the guys that will be dragged to this with their girlfriends.Some of the changes will probably be unsettling to the fans or upsetting because more of the film was different than I was warned or expected. Many reviewers were adamant that it kept to the book most of the time, but I would say it was a pretty even mix.Like most fans I had a certain idea how some scenes or characters would be and I felt a little let down because characters werent how I imagined or expected them. Magnus falls flat and lacks the charisma and attitude of his book counterpart. I also felt the way Valentine was played/portrayed did not fall in line with how he was in the book. But everyone who reads has there own interpretations and he wasnt close to he Valentine I had envisioned.Lastly I feel this is a pretty solid movie for the fans and non readers. I wouldnt say its perfect, few movies have ever come close to achieving that status. There are a lot of good elements going on here and a lot of decent acting from people I least expected it given the time they had to actually develop the characters. If you have any interest in watching the movie dont let all the negativity sway you. Go in with an open mind and make your own judgement. I wont say I loved this movie, but I did really enjoy it and would definitely see it again.

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